House Brews

Pixel Punk

Refined over the past few years to exactly the kind of hops we crave.

Jaycee Cones

Our homage to our favorite crime fighters, Jaycee cones will crush you with citra! Cowabunga!

Carney Rye’d

Our RIPA is inspired by our trips to the Asbusy Park festival scene. As balanced as Tilly on a surfboard

Kid ‘N Pale

West Coast Style American Pale inspired by the classic hip hop masters

Needle Dropper

A riff on an IPA relying on spruce tips and grapefruit zest for bittering, bright, citrusy

Witch Hunt NE IPA

Eh, everybody is doing it. We call hosies, ya greenie bah-stid!

Wonder Gosen

German blended wheat style with sea salt and coriander added, lightly tart, fruited versions in rotation.

Skeleton Key

Robust (suspiciously tasty) porter brewed with chocolate

Satan’s Semi

Brewed with coffee, chocolate and cinnamon. Variations include vanilla, maple, guajillo

Dead Weather

An evolved version of Dan’s famous Xmas stout with ginger, citrus zest and honey